Why this portable ballpoint is so satisfying

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The Portable Ballpoint is a thoughtful gift! 

The first thing one might notice when they pick up the ystudio portable ballpoint is how heavy it is. For a daily carry pen this is usually a deterrent, but there is something about this pen that begs to differ. First of all, it is not technically a “carry” because it comes with a brass pivot link and a leather cord so you can wear it around your neck.

A few twists of the link and the pen is free to use. The heft of the pen also makes it feel important and everlasting, like this pen can take the wear and tear of every day and you’ll still have it for ages.


With the satisfying sound and feel of the rebound mechanism twisting the gel ballpoint refill into place, this pen glides across the page, making it convenient and a pleasure to use. Available in black, red or white lacquer with brass trim, this pen looks as good as it writes.

For anyone on the go this pen delivers convenience in spades. For someone who loves the attention of wearing a pen as a conversation piece and for anyone who is in an occupation that requires a pen at the ready, this pen is your match. For someone active, appreciative of a beautiful, long-lasting tool, or a first responder that you would love to thank for their bravery, this would make a very thoughtful gift.

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